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New Media and Traditional Media Converge for Profits

A framework for convergence is curaYtor, a new production introduced by Rowe and Company. Here’s the curaYtor production eight word mission statement:

curaYtor connects businesses, consumers and media for profit.

It’s a simple goal. It’s a framework already constructed for broadcasters and traditional media to build on.

Researchers like Gartner, Edison and Nielsen report this is the year social media starts to return profits. Rowe and Company delivers a framework for traditional media to earn their share of social media revenues.

Traditional or old media converging with social media to make profits for both mediums is the objective of the curaYtor Production. curaYtor produces revenue for traditional media and their websites.

curaYtor is a brand new editorial foundation for broadcasters and unique to each client. curaYtor’s subscription service offers a unique agreement for each subscriber.

The presentation below demonstrates information needed to start discussion of the framework curaYtor proposes. It’s a partnership for success.

Beyond Facebook and Twitter - Revenues

Act now - contact Rowe and Company to learn secrets that make curaYtor stand out and competitive.

curaYtor already ranks in search engines and on Twitter is compared to the likes of NBC Nightly news. curaYtor’s digital footprint is established and growing. Work has begun and benefits are ready for partnership with traditional media to serve social networkers.

Call us at (617) 652-0611 or email us at 411 at roweandcompany dot biz to arrange a presentation and subscription for curaYtor.

We’re already at work with a blog at and on Twitter @curaYtor just for starters. curaYtor produces digests and collects followers. curaYtor is on Facebook too.

We’re ready to serve. Call or email to join us.

James Rowe

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Data on Social Media Growth

Edison Research produced a study titled “The Social Habit - Frequent Social Networkers In America.” The report calculates social networks increased two fold in number in the last two years and social media use doubled in the past year.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project reports growth in the use of wireless Internet and mobile data devices. The growth is significant according to the study. Edison Research, however, reports much stronger growth.

Bing Gordon, partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Bye, explains to TechCrunch why the venture capitalist is jumping into social media with a $250 (m) million sFund.

Gordon tells TechCrunch TV’s Evelyn Rusli “We think that social is going to be so big….” Gordon is very excited and predicts exponential growth in the social web. He speculates ten to 25 times over current levels in the five years.

Gordon tells TechCrunch social is “changing so fast, let’s learn together.”

Learn All About curaYtor Production Soon

Online meetings to reveal curaYtor are coming. Remember to check here and on dimdim for webinar schedules when announced. Rowe and Company is carefully planning release of the curaYtor production to connect old media and new media and the real world and virtual world. So stay connected for detailed webinar announcements forthcoming. Follow us on Twitter @RoweAndCompany for social media insight and real time announcements about curaYtor.

James Rowe

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Social Media for Business Basics

Dell Computers has an eight part series on social media for small business I would recommend all entrepreneurs considering the use of social media review. Dell sells computers on Facebook but the manufacturer’s page on social media offers several of the most user friendly documents on social media I’ve read. You can find the electronic papers at Dell’s Social Media Page on Facebook.

The e-documents are all quick reads of about four pages and they cover all basics.

  1. Learn To Listen
  2. Join the Conversation
  3. Start a Blog
  4. Tap Into Twitter
  5. Crowdsource Your Next Big Idea
  6. Harness The Power Of Facebook
  7. Share Your Photos And Videos Online
  8. Measure Your Online Success

There are a number of broken links in the documents but the information is spot on and simple. Plain language in most cases and the information provides basics for getting started in social media for any enterprise.

Take them for what they’re worth and there is value. Dell’s e-papers are reasonable handouts for social media strategists to help prospects understand the start of a discussion of online social networks.

Thank you to the Dell social media for business staff.

James Rowe

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Social Media Evangelists

Ford Motors and Gator Ade are social media evangelists. Social media guru Mack Collier points to a crowdsourced question and answer session on YouTube with Ford Motors Chief Marketing Officer Jim Farley. Farley answers questions collected by advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather’s Senior Strategist and Catch Up Lady Kaitlyn Wilkins.

While we are on the evangelism stump let’s take a look at Gatorade’s Mission Control for social media. Mashable/Social Media has an inside look at Gatorade’s big time initiative. And here’s the sports drink maker’s own promotion of their social media operation.

As small businesses struggle with the amount of work involved in creating serious social media efforts big companies are rolling ahead full steam.

James Rowe

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New New Media Gatekeepers

In traditional media editors and journalists are called gatekeepers of access to information. You have something to say you appeal to gatekeepers to tell the masses. Entrepreneurial journalist Burt Herman, like many others, recognizes social media changes the paradigm. You have something to say you can speak directly to your audience in new media. Everyone with an Internet connection has a podium.

However, when everyone speaks you get a lot of noise. So how do interested people hear what they want to listen to? Herman created Storify to filter the noise of social media. In a New York Times opinion article he discusses new media gatekeepers and labels them curators.

The entrepreneur talks the talk and walks the walk. He points out the new age of mediators or curators of information and creates a tool to assist. Here is a Storify report I produced on social media business cases.

Guy Kawasaki is an example of curators Herman writes about. Kawasaki’s Alltop website is a digest of top stories on the Internet. He is in the vanguard of new media curators.

Storify provides users with a simple process to gather information strings from social media.

Perhaps you have some examples of how gatekeepers are changing. Let us know.

James Rowe

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Two Minute Explanation of Social Engagement

Proper social media relationships demand simple and easily understood explanation; even in this year social network usage is exploding in the United States. There are numerous research firm studies quantifying double digit growth in social media consumption. Rowe and Company will bring some of the research to you soon.

Decision makers demand quick and simple clarification of social media. Easy understanding facilitates determination of a simple objective and intelligent discussion of strategy.

Ira Kaufman writes for Social Media Today about the power of social media. He lists five keys to a successful digital marketing strategy:

  1. Listening to audience feedback
  2. Engagement – conducting a dialogue with the audience
  3. Relationship - learning to trust and practice integrity
  4. Value – sharing something of interest to both you and the audience
  5. Access – being as available to the audience as the audience is to you

Kaufman points to the YouTube video called “The Break Up” as the best presentation to explain the five keys in two minutes.

Kaufman’s keys and the YouTube video are right on the mark and excellent use of social media to demonstrate social media.

James Rowe

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Two New Social Media Apps

Evernote introduces a tool for bloggers and website designers to promote its service and ease of use for subscribers. Evernote’s app captures web content and stores it for access from your desktop or phone. It’s a clipping and note taking service. The web clipping service offers a button for sites to present users with one click note taking.

There’s free version and a premium version of Evernote. I use it on my desktop and mobile phone.

As of this post, we begin using Evernote’s new service to make it easier for you to note and capture information here on Rowe and Company’s blog. You see the “remember” button to click below my signature. I, also, hope to make it simple for you to use information provided here.

Check out Evernote and see if it fits your digital lifestyle.

Another service is FYItag, a social media dashboard. FYItag is weeks away from full bloom but has free services available on their website today.

As well, you see the FYItag button below my name. Click on it and it takes you to my personal profile on FYItag’s site. The location shows you my contact information and links to my social media profiles.

Rowe and Company includes Evernote and FYItag as part of our social media strategy. Sign up for these services to share content and manage your digital footprint. Use digital noting taking from Evernote and digital life management from FYItag. We’re giving both a vigorous test.

Truth in reporting, Rowe and Company might earn money if enough readers sign up for a premium account with Evernote. FYItag owner David Schleifer is a colleague from our work at Avid Technology.

We believe in knowledge sharing and openness. Our mission – our conscience - promotes ethics and honesty.

Can you use Evernote and FYItag in your digital life? Let us know; share your opinion here for others to learn from your experience.

James Rowe

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Best Social Media Start for Business

Everyone believes a Facebook page is a must and many try to determine the benefit of a listing on Facebook without promotion.  I would agree every business should have a Facebook business page however there is a better social network to begin a social media strategy for business.

I argue the best social media foray for brick and mortar businesses is Google Places.  Today Google is usually the first search engine for anyone trying to locate a business.  So much is the case “google it” is an accepted phrase in colloquial English.

In the Google Places User’s Guide the second reason listed for a business to use the service is “it’s free.”  A Facebook page is costless as well.  There’s a time investment of course but no financial transaction is required to have a business listed with either Google Places or Facebook.  The Google Places User’s Guide explains how Google works.

Google Places Policies: Quality guidelines presents the rules.  It’s where you learn a United States Postal Service box is unacceptable as a physical address.  You also need to check which countries are included.  There are special ways to handle service areas and real estate listings too.  The guidelines provide necessary and initial understanding.

When getting started with and trying to determine the benefit of social media to business then Google Places is the best start I can determine.  You are able to add all sorts of information to your Places listing such as product photos, product videos, coupons, and updates on special offers.  And there are analytics provided also.   You manage your own listing.  Here’s a link to the Google Places video for more information.

Can you offer any reason why there is a better site than Google Places to launch a social media strategy for businesses where location, location, and location is the rule?

James Rowe

Does Your Business Have a Conscience?

In the age of digital living the question becomes increasingly important considering more distrusting audiences.  It is the first question I pose at Focus following appointment as a business expert.  I’ve also posted the question on Polldaddy so please click here and answer.  Comments here on tumblr are welcomed as well.

Focus accepts my experience as authority in commerce and I’m pleased to share my knowledge on another forum.  I’ve uploaded three research papers and my first eBook to the crowd sourcing site for business advice.  The eBook “Secrets of Social Media Planning” offers simple rules for developing and governing social media strategy.  It’s available for download from several sites.  “Secrets of Social Media Planning” evolved from online meetings hosted on dimdim and announced here in a previous post.  The eBook is the companion to the whitepaper “Social Media Simplified” and the video short “Social Media Thinking.”

Secrets of Social Media Planning” and companion paper “Social Media Simplified” present easy steps to developing and managing online social network strategy. The document and eBook are comfortable reads for small and medium business owners and community group leaders planning to use social media professionally.  The paper provides some different sources than the eBook.  The brief video is merely a respite.

So, back to the question “does your business have a conscience?”  This is a secret only shared here.  A conscience is as important as a strategy in developing professional use of social media.  Observe what Google, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are doing these days for evidence.

I certainly hope my work is of benefit, socially responsible and serves your needs.

James Rowe

"Social Media Thinking" is a video short to augment an eBook and whitepaper on social media planning. It is presented here for an easy user experience.  So relax and enjoy and think about making the world a better place for us all.

James Rowe